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Our lack of news shows the gradual reduction of our once plentiful herd.  It also shows the trend from website to Facebook as our biggest success was well touted there both on my page and the Irish Field.  This was SNAI SELDANA DI CAMPALTO a.k.a. Emily who with her new jockey, Abdullah Sharbartly of the U.A.E. was the World Champion silver medallist in Kentucky.  What a buzz that was!  I doubt if we will ever get nearer to a Champion than her, and of course we only gave her board and lodging for 3 years having bought her as a foal. 

Our own jumper, SUMAS FANNY BRICE 

was a model of consistency over the summer with Steve Smith and at the end of her 2nd season she now has 115 points which includes several 1.30 classes.  She achieved the Select Mare status with three stars and very high scores so the plan is to breed from her as her dam, DISTANT MUSIC is now barren for the 4th year.  The hope is that the market will have returned by the time Fanny has offspring ready to go.  I am still trying to trace her 2006 progeny, SUMA’S DISTANT GLEN by VDL Glennridge (seen below) who was sold to Eamon McLaughlin MRCVS in the U.K. as a foal.   If anyone knows where he is we would love to know!

Other homebred stock has been performing for their new owners including SUMA’S ZORRO (Douglas VDL ex Vixen’s Frolic by Horos U.S.A.) who was competing with Sophie Broome in Wales due to owner Joanne Sloan Allen’s broken leg.  But she is due to go to the Sunshine Tour again.

We said a sad goodbye at the sales to SUMAS KATY and her daughter by Capitalist, SUMAS CAPSICUM.  We wish their new owners very good luck with them but as we had to cut down our numbers we sell the youngest members of our herd.  Cappy looked brilliant but nobody wants to buy yearlings even though the most expensive winter of their lives, as a foal, has been paid for by someone else!  Here she is with Julia Crosbie.


They say no news is Good News but in our case we had a lot of bad things going on so that I didn’t write anything at all. However, to catch up we had three horse deaths in this time, the lovely mare we got back from Wales and her 2 day old colt.  He died at 3 days old so the p.m. said, of her milk poisoning him so as she was not going to be able to breed again and was very stiff in herself we put her down too.

  But the big blow was our beautiful CLOUDBURST who had gone through so much before finally starting to show his full potential.  However it seemed that whatever had gone wrong to start with, in his back, had not gone away and he was obviously very uncomfortable over a fence, though he burst himself to clear it.  It was not fair to ask him to continue his life so he also was humanely destroyed.  We were gutted as he was the last foal of one of our most favourite mares, SUMA’S SKY’S ABLAZE.

The good news is that two of our mares have gone in foal, SUMAS KATY the 5 yr old RID and SUMA LEGACY who has been barren since her now 2 yr old SUMAS LOTHARIO by WOMANIZER.  Katy was covered by the Lamberts young RID KILLINICK BOUNCER who should really suit her.  Legacy is in foal to Marion Hughes Olympic horse, HERITAGE FORTUNAS

who has just come back to Ireland to stud.  Katy’s yearling by CAPITALIST (CAPITAL 1) is a stunner now and will be offered for sale at Goresbridge in October.   Here she is taking her ease.

On the showjumping front SUMAS FANNY BRICE has really come on with Steve Smith and although the RDS qualifiers came too soon for her experience she is now at 6 yrs. jumping clear rounds at 1.30.  

She did have a break for a month while we chanced frozen AI from the German star, CATOKI but it didn’t work so we will wait for 2011.

Some of our homebreds have been doing well for their new owners.  Joanne Sloane Allen was just getting going well with  SUMAS ZORRO by VDL DOUGLAS out of VIXEN’S FROLIC by HOROS when she, Joanne, unluckily broke her leg, but Zorro is going well with Sophie Broome and winning in the UK.  Her half brother by VDL ARKANSAS, SUMAS BLACK FOX started the year really well placing very well in 3 2 star Events but then hurt a leg slightly so has been given the year to recover.

Jonathon Proctor has SUMAS WILLIAM OF ORANGE (VDL ARKANSAS/ Silvio II winning at jumping and eventing too.

And we had good news from the U.S.A. that 25 year old SUMA’S KEEPSAKE (Pride of Shaunlara/Blue Peter) had a lovely ID filly foal for her

February / March 2010

The  weird and wonderful winter has merged into spring with hard frosts still at night and then lovely sun during the day.  The grass, or where grass should be, is yellow and looks more like California during a drought!  The horses, all 10 of them, plus the donkeys, still have their winter rugs on and hay is running very short.  Our showjumpers however are in action at weekends and both very pleasing.  SUMAS CLOUDBURST SSZ has won his first points and SUMAS FANNY BRICE  has graduated to 1.20s, still very careful and now showing a lot of scope too.  She has 39 points up so far.

The yearlings are growing  big and bold, in at night and spoiled rotten but a very nice bunch.  Sadly, given our recent decision that THIS TIME we really will stop keeping horses they are all for resale.

Just to recap we have a homebred sporthorse by CAPITALIST(who sadly dropped dead recently after only 2 crops here) out of Katy, who is the image of her dad but with the ID constitution.  Then a full ID, by HUNTINGFIELD REBEL out of a CLOVER HILL mare, just as athletic as the sport horses and bred to perform too.  I can see her winning in the showring with no problem, she’s a lovely type and the right size too.  Thirdly we have a bay WOMANIZER ex Diamond Serpent mare, an early foal she is already about 15.1.  She has a brilliant irish pedigree on the dam’s side and is a super mover. She came from the Cavan Elite Sale And the same applies to the final one, a late foal by RAMIRO B out of a Cruising mare (see  or else their Facebook page) Her dam’s own sister, Ardnehue Diamond Cruiser, won the Cavan 5 yr olds  and was the outstanding young horse of her generation.

We have also entered SUMA’S CLOUDBURST  for the next Cavan sale as we really have no place for a gelding and he is ready now for a new home.

And our MISE EIRE/CLOVER HILL filly, who will be 4 in July  is also on the market. This was her last summer.  She will be back in work shortly.  She is about 15.2 hh at present so will suit a lighter rider.  We call her SNIP after the government activities last year!  Very easy to handle, still very green but kind and showing a nice pop.  The right home is more important than a big price with her, she is not dear.

Our only pregnant mare, Lottie (aka Kenson’s Heavens Above) is about a month off foaling and hopefully we will have some grass by then.  And the 3 barren mares will be off to stud when it gets warmer, no point in this type of weather. 

January 2010

It’s official!

 HUNTINGFIELD REBEL was the most popular stallion in Ireland in 2007 with 210 foals born in 2008.  That was 90 more than the next most used which was Lux Z.  We already knew this as the truckloads of mares arriving at KYLEMORE STUD to visit him, plus the daily shipments of semen around the country bore witness to his popularity.  All credit to the Brodericks who have done a superb job both in the marketing and the management side.  Rob has never looked better and is extremely happy as he reaches his 20th year.  We are also delighted that our plan from some 22 years ago to restore the GLENSIDE line has happened.  Rob’s father , GLENAGYLE REBEL who died in South Africa in 2008 has also come into the limelight as one of his sons,

QUANTUM LEAP has been chosen to be part of the first ever South African Eventing squad which is planning to compete in the World Championships this year, training in France.

This is his campaign:

Quantum Leap and Heidi Wood will be competing (Eventing):

25/26/27 March 2010   Fontainebleau   France

21/22/23 May 2010  Saumur  France

16/17/18 July 2010  Aachen Germany

 Jean Pierre  Camboulieves, a top FEI coach from France has been appointed as National Coach to the Springbok Eventing Team he will continue to train and mentor the team who will be based at Fontainebleau in France.then off to the World Equestrian Games USA  28 Sept - 3 October 2010.


Quantum Leap, this is him recently competing...

Other news is that SUMA CLOUDBURST SSZ (Chellano Z/Suma’s Sky’s Ablaze) has made it to his first show.  He behaved very well, and was brave and went about his business.  He can be seen on YouTube (click link)  

The autumn and early winter weather has played havoc with our good intentions.  Firstly it was unbelievably wet and now it has been severely frosted (and snowed) up so we have not been able to get our two showjumpers out for a cross-country run.  FANNY BRICE jumped clear at the shows she went to but was not on top form and a back problem was quickly spotted.  So after treatment for a few days she has been waiting for a change of scene hunting in Carlow.  And our lovely Rosie’s (Suma’s Sky’s Ablaze) son, CLOUDBURST SSZ (Chellano Z) has finally got back into work feeling like a new man after his six month rest.  Donncha Dermody is the lucky man who has had the job of restoring his confidence and he is thrilled with him.  Many many thanks to Liz Kent for her work on him. (seen here as a 3 yr. old)


Meanwhile in Holland SUMAS FUDGE has found a new home and SUMAS TALIBAN (VDL Taloubet ex It’s an Ology) has started his jumping career and looks very promising as a 4 year old.  He is very big but moves lightly and is so far proving very easy.  Our TB mare Emsara (Mr. Lord)  is in foal to VDL Zapatero (CHIN CHIN), and her 2009 colt by Indoctro is still at the VDL Stud.











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