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JANUARYwas a continuation of the serious cold conditions we had over Christmas and it was hard work keeping water running in the stables and the fields.  The horses loved it! But by February we had brilliant weather and let the youngsters out again.




Completely against our retirement policy we bought a smashing mare in Cavan who was by VDL ARKANSAS out of Jeannie called KILLOSSERY KIARA.             She was in foal to the gorgeous WOMANIZER so was hard to resist.  She is a sister to the Army’s horse Killossery and also the one leased by them, Killossery Kruisette. 

My justification was that we needed another pregnant mare to keep Legacy company when she foaled in May.  KIARA duly had a super filly which we christened SUMAS SCARLET WOMAN.




A few days later SUMA LEGACY foaled a colt, later grey, the first she had had for 3 years.  We called him Jedward a he was born the night of the Eurovision  song contest but he has been registered as FAVOUR THE BRAVE.  He was provisionally called Sumas Windfall so you may see that in some places.

His daddy is the Olympic showjumper, HERITAGE FORTUNAS and he is a delightful character.

They both found new homes at the end of the year, we were delighted with where they went as both purchasers had previously had Suma horses and came back for more!  Best of luck to Jim and James McEvoy  (Jedward) and Tania Smith (Scarlet)


For the first time since we left Ashfield our mares decided that it was easier to go in foal at the first attempt!  Amazingly this included DISTANT MUSIC (Horos U.S.A./ Cornelscourt) the dam of SUMA’S SOUND OF MUSIC, our most successful jumper so far.  After a string of foals from a 5 year old (7 in a row) she has spent the last four years breaking our hearts. I think she must have heard the dire warnings as in this economic climate it is impossible to justify keeping horses as pets unless you have unlimited feed, grazing and funds (which we don’t!)  So her chosen consort was Ger O’Brien’s Z WELLIE 72 who as a seven year old is performing really well in his age classes and indeed won the 7 year old National Championship this summer.  He is starting in Grand Prix now with rider Ger O’Neill so we hope for a really good performer from this cross.


Music’s daughter, SUMAS FANNY BRICE who became a Three Star Select Mare last year went in foal to frozen semen of JE T’AIME FLAMENCO.  We think he should suit her very well and she will be thrilled to have her own foal as she loved the two this year.  He is a Five Star jumper with enormous quality and his foals are outstanding.

 Hopefully he will have a better season himself next year for Billy Twomey and regain his previous form.



KIARA had no choice as to where she went as we could not look beyond her current foal to choose the sire and she went back to the grey WOMANIZER.  She must be due a colt next time as she has had a previous filly by Cassino who was retained by her previous owner. And SUMA LEGACY who has a super 3 yr old by Womanizer went to his first stallion son KMS ROMEO owned by the Carroll brothers.  The HSI Inspectors had no hesitation in giving him preliminary Approval and we look forward to his production under saddle in 2012..  In the loose jumping for the RDS he won a qualifier and came third in the Final in Dublin.  Watch this space, as the say!!

LEGACY’S Womanizer 3 year old made a late appearance this year to compete successfully in a couple of loose jumping competitions and finished up 3rd in the N.I. H.B.H.B.S Finals.

Photo of SUMAS LOTHARIO by Sporting images N.I.


The biggest splash made this year was by SUMA’S ZORRO (VDL DOUGLAS ex VIXEN’S FROLIC BY HOROS U.S.A.)          Bought by Joanne Allen at our 2004 sale as a foal she has been brought on slowly and carefully and this was her year!

She started her winning ways in the Sunshine Tour in Portugal this year finding a new jockey in Sameh El Dahan who is a top Egyptian jockey now part of the WKD Stud team.  She was then ridden by Ross Mulholland to qualify and compete at the RDS where she jumped clear in the final.  Sameh then had her back to win age classes in ArDescription: and Valkenswaard and finishing up in Lanaken for the World Young Horse Championships.  We went out to see her and it was a thrill to have a homebred competing there   2012 will see her start in small GPs, but she has already competed in a World Cup Qualifier where she did an excellent round with only two down.






We took the sad decision to put down IT’S AN OLOGY, our last PRIDE OF SHAUNLARA mare who, at 20 years old was not going to breed again and we did not want to inflict another winter on her.  She has, however, still got 4 horses competing, and maybe one more to come.  SUMAS TALENT by VDL TALOUBET is starting to reach his full potential with Gary Quinn.


  YouTube  - SUMAS TALENT 1.20 final at Kill

This should link to a YouTube video of him jumping a 1.30 at Kill this year.

Gary is hoping to bring him to one of the Sunshine Tours in the Spring as he thinks the world of him.  We also have his full brother, Taliban, who has been competing in the Netherlands. More of him soon.

Just before Christmas a friend located another of LEGACY’S offspring, her 6 yr old by VDL DOUGLAS who is competing at 120 and 130 in Germany with Kai Terheuven Urselmans. He likes her very much so we look forward to her progression. She is called SUMA’S ANYWHERE because she was born in Holland and their letter for that year was A, and we were still looking for somewhere to live, “anywhere”.

HUNTINGFIELD REBEL is still in great form at Kylemore, now approaching his 22nd birthday.  As an appreciation of all that the Brodericks have done for him they now own him outright and we hope he lives many more happy years with them. 

We have an active Facebook page, Suma Stud, where I update more regularly but I will try to keep the News active here too. I regard this now as more of an archive.

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