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Suma Stud offers one to one horse finding services, we can match you up with the horse of your dreams, if you provide a good description of your abilities and what you’re looking for in that dream horse. We’ve found many wonderful horses for our clients and here’s just a few of them Dream Horse Customers If you are looking for that special horse, we're the ones to help you find it. Please tell us a bit about what you’re looking for:

About you:

Age: 18-30 30-50 over 50 (yes we have clients over 50!)

Sex: Female Male

Riding ability: Beginner Novice Intermediate Amateur Professional Disabled

Number of years riding:

Approx. Height-Weight ,

any physical limitations

About Your Dream Horse:

Type: breeding mare, hack, blood, competition, riding horse, hunter , young horse, foal, pony

Age: foal, 1, 2, 3, 4-6, older horse

Sex: Mare, gelding, stallion

Colour: chestnut, bay, brown, grey, coloured, black, roan

Height: specify a range hh (hands) ,
examples 12.--14.hh, 16.0hh--16.2hh, 17hh+

Will your dream horse live: in your stable, at livery, at grass, in a herd, alone

What type riding do you want to do with Your Dream Horse: Dressage, Eventing, Hunting, Jumping, Driving, Hacking, other

What’s your horse budget:
(keep in mind if you are exporting a horse from Ireland that you’ll also need to budget for transportation and possible livery charges at quaranteen stations)

Tell us more about your dream horse:


my description of my dream horse to SUMA stud.


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