Blue Peter

Mrs. Dede Power, (Marily's mother) seen here driving Blue Peter was Chairman of the Irish Driving Society during the time the photo was taken.


Blue Peter was our second foundation stallion, obtained to use as an outcross and to try to breed a colt so the line would not be lost. Our biggest regret was that we only had him for 2 and a half seasons as he was 20 when he came to us. When we were looking at Irish Draught mares in the West of Ireland we were continually struck by the type and movement of Blue Peter mares. Unfortunately, as he had stood in Killala since he was a 3 y.o, having gone there to work, he was not covering many mares. Irish draught youngsters by him were impossible to find, especially any young son. So we persuaded Paddy Munnelly to part with his workhorse, guaranteeing him a home for life.

At 20 years young he came up to Suma and became a most influential part of our lives for 3 years. His lively personality was matched by good humour even when his physique started to let him down. He had to live out with a New Zealand rug and would not always be caught when needed. We had to invent a control for when he covered as his own foreplay was of the "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" variety, and this worked so well that we used it to demonstrate to an Indian Maharajah how it worked. The mare we chose, Trinity, was about to pursue a competitive career prior to breeding but went in foal, thus Blue Rajah became one of his two sons who carried on the line. All for the best in the long run

He taught us how to drive both a carriage horse and a workhorse. He excelled at both. His riding was of the go from A to B sort, circles were just for idiots to do! Susie really regretted having got him too late to hunt because, for our Meath country, like his offspring, he would have been brilliant.

One of our lasting memories was a winter's day when the tractor (as usual) gave up the ghost. Pete was duly yoked up in his cart, a flat car, a huge amount of hay bales loaded for our cattle in the top yard, and Sarah Fitzhenry sat on top, to drive. Needless to say the bales were not properly stacked and Pete suffered from itchy ears. Yes, it happened! A yell from Sarah that she had no "winkers" as they came off one side, Help!! Don't worry, Bobby replies, as they set off, he knows where to go. Pete had simply scratched off his bridle, and the whole very unstable lot set off up the avenue at a rattling pace. They did arrive a t the cattle yard and negotiated some turns and obstacles, where he stopped and waited while the cart was safely unloaded. What a character and a joy to own.

He was the straightest mover we have ever owned and all his stock are like him, with beautiful free action too.! I also remember the late Jack Bamber renowned international rider, horseman and dealer saying " That's the most correctly made horse I've ever seen" Some praise!

Some of his stock include:

Mrs Thatcher Blue Henry, material grandsire of ADO ANNIE
April Storm Whippy

Moyne Marguerita

Blue Hills, dam of Branigan's Pride and Pride of Meath

Blue Heaven, sister to Blue Henry, and dame of THE BARD Blue Rajah


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