Glenagyle Rebel

Rebel was the ultimate of Designer Stallions!

From a young foal, born early, he was a boyo! He used to gallop around a spinney of trees for fun, bringing the others with him, even when they wanted to rest. As a foal to a yearling, we had to take him away from the fillies as he had sex on the mind already. But what a beautifully made horse he is, and a super mover like his Dad. We brought him as a two year old to a breeding conference on I.Ds to show him as a near perfect example of what to look for in an Irish Draught. But we also decided if we were to cope with the enthusiasm of this lad he should be broken at two. So Gerry Stack, a racehorse trainer who also loves his hunting and showing, did the job. He loved him for his intelligence, as well as his ride and still asks after him.

At three, because we always intended to pursue a ridden career with him, he covered 10 mares only, after being approved in the spring by the I.H.R., as he was the only male representative of his line. We were afraid of damage being done to his equipment while hunting! He had 100% success and his very first foal was WHIPPY'S son HUNTINGFIELD REBEL. Subsequently taken on first by Tom Vance, then after a gap with an injury, Damien McDermott, he reached Grade A in a very short time . He had tremendous power and scope and was maybe too brave, especially hunting, but when Klaus Balzer saw, then rode him himself for several days, nothing would do but that he had to have him for Zimbabwe. We felt extremely sad to see him go but wanted to send a top representative to Africa, and knew he would do the job well. He has left a huge amount of R.I.Ds. and his gelding sons are highly sought after being easy but fun. His mares are making brilliant mothers and many are successful in the showring, and although he primarily covered Irish Draughts for outcrosses, he had one outstanding son from a T.B. mare who won the prestigious Boomerang Final for James Kernan, Special K.


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