Our lovely Whippy died 24 hours after foaling, 17 May 2003. She had colic like symptoms which we treated with umpteen different things with the Vet but although we got her out of pain she died during the night. Her massive colt, Brutus, is doing well, does not miss her at all as he has a bonny coloured cob of the Cashes who is feeding him on demand. 

One of our earliest purebreds Whippy has always held a special place in our hears, she had a wicked sense of humour but loved people especially Susie. She had super style over a fence, bucking Marily off on landing at least once out hunting but would go anywhere she was put. She was mobbed on the few occasions she was at a show and of course was Supreme Champion Irish Draught at the age 16 a few years back. At 22 we were not going to cover her again but matters were taken our of our hands. We owed her plenty and she had a happy and fulfilling life. One in a million, her sons and daughters will keep her name going a long time yet.  She was by Blue Peter  out of Softee.

Altogether, Whippy had 15 foals, 8 in the last 7 years, she bred 3 Dublin Champions and we have two daughters of hers here breeding plus her son, Huntingfield Rebel.



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